I attended a lecture "how to find a job in Europe" yesterday.  The speaker is an Italian working in Bern.  He emphazied a lot on showing the respect of the local culture, language, and politics when looking for a job.  However, there are differences between Europe and Italy.

"The British are proud of being British, the French are proud of being French.  The Italian are proud of... their championship of World Cup.  The Italians are more relaxed." 

"You have to know the language.  For example, the French will speak in French after greeting you.  The Italian want to speak English, but they don't know how to speak in English.  So after five minutes, they start to speak in Italian."

"Mobility is considered to be very important.  But in Italy, the only way to get the professorship is to stick to a powerful professor and to get pushed up."




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